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Dedicated to service and support.

Vincentians or Vinnies gather in communities called Conferences who meet regularly.  All Conferences are attached to the Area Council within their designated geographical boundary.

Conference work is the main work of the Society and it is to seek out and assist those in need.  Works include visiting and assisting people in their homes, hospitals or wherever people in need are to be found.  No work of charity is regarded as foreign to the Society.

Visits to those in need should be made in their environment, whenever possible. The contact with those in need should always be made in a spirit of friendship, respect, cordiality, empathy and affection.  Whenever possible, or assistance should also promote self-sufficiency for those who suffer and show concern for their deeper needs. 

There are 135 Conferences in every region of New Zealand and they sit under their respective Area Councils of which there are 23.  

Conference contact details: or phone 04 499 5070