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‘Thankyou St Vincent de Paul. Really appreciated the awhi and the aroha.’

On the frontline of need and deprivation, support from St Vincent de Paul can make a huge difference to a family and community.  Here is some feedback from families desperately struggling through the Covid-19 crisis.

“Thank you for helping my whanau. The kai parcels have helped H and me and our kids through a bit of a tough spot. We had no water ­– and you got us some water, we were cold, and you got us some blankets, my kids were cold and you got them some jackets, and when we had no kai – you got us some kai . I don't know what to say, because it has been overwhelming. Thank you.”

“’Whaea, thanks for the kai’, and then he came over to hug me. Then he says – ‘I probably shouldn't have done that but my whanau really appreciates it ... And that was from all of us.’ ”

“Big mihi to you fellahs. I feel useless because I can’t get out to get the kai for my whanau. Thank you St Vincent de Paul. Your kai came when we needed it.”

Dad is undergoing cancer treatment.

“Thanks so much for the kai awhi. It came at a time when we needed kai. We have a big whanau and five teenagers who are always hungry. The vegetables and the chicken is greatly appreciated. Thank you St Vincent de Paul.”

“Thank you so much for the kai pack. Really appreciated the awhi and the aroha.”

“We are really grateful for the food assistance from St Vincent de Paul. In a rural area, the stress of going to do the shopping is huge – especially with a big whanau. You have no idea how much the delivery of the kai meant to us. Thank you.”

Dad has a heart condition and the youngest daughter of seven children is asthmatic.

“Sandwiches were passed out at Northland College during interval and lunch time, nothing went to waste.”

“Thank you for thinking of us and dropping by with the kai and a chance to have a korero.”

90-year-old with grandchildren who had all arrived and locked down in his home. 

2020 National Recovery Appeal

If you would like to support struggling families and communities through the St Vincent de Paul Covid-19 National Recovery Appeal, you can donate online at: