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Volunteer Profile - Philippa Kenealy

So many possibilities through volunteering

Philippa Kenealy had become unemployed and ‘needed to get out of her head’. It’s too easy, she said, to think the worst of yourself when the employment odds are against you. 

A Work and Income client, Philippa had a helpful case manager who introduced her to the idea of volunteering through Volunteer Wellington’s Engagement in the Community programme. She also realized she wanted to meet new people, develop different skills – and offer something back to her local community. 

Her talk with Volunteer Wellington was revealing. So many possibilities. Getting out of her head – and the house – was going to be no problem. ESOL ‘native New Zealand speaker’ conversation partners; and Vinnies Re Sew, a project with St Vincent de Paul’s in Kilbirnie stood out as interesting choices. The ESOL role has shown Philippa new aspects of communication. ‘It’s made me much better at understanding different accents as well as giving me more knowledge of other cultures. And at Vinnies Re Sew I’m excited by seeing so much dedicated creativity and ways of restoring and recycling used clothing and materials.’ 

Philippa’s past study and working experience have involved acquiring IT skills. These are appropriate now for her main Vinnies Re Sew task which is to sell quality donated fabrics through Trade Me. Funds raised support the Vinnies Re Sew mission of restoring clothing which has seemingly ‘had its day’ into new items of desire!

2020 National Recovery Appeal

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