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Bishop Owen Dolan celebrates his 90th birthday

Bishop Owen Dolan recently celebrated his 90th birthday at a gathering in Palmerston North with fellow Bishops, priests, diocesan staff, parishioners and friends. Bishop Peter Cullinane paid tribute to this ‘great and lovable man’.

‘Those of us gathered here are representing many hundreds, indeed thousands, of other people who have known, loved and respected Owen as we all do.

‘Having served in many parishes of the former Archdiocese of Wellington, including parishes in this diocese, then eventually as Vicar General of the Archdiocese, and having served alongside priests of the Society of St Columban in South America, it seems so fitting that in God’s providence he was called back to be a bishop in the diocese and city of his own birth 90 years ago, Palmerston North.

‘Over these last few years he has been hugely supportive of me, and at times a salutary offset to my more hurried style. He has been a great support to the priests, and to the people of this diocese – in ways they have known about, and in ways they have not known. We are all greatly indebted to him.’

Supplied by WelCom November 2018