Nelson - St. Paul’s Vinnies

Disability Awareness has been the central focus of the work of the St. Paul's Vinnies this year.

This topic has involved...

  • A session filled with activities that simulated various types of disabilities;
  • A variety of guest speakers including a lady who is blind, a gentleman who is a paraplegic, Age Concern, IDEA Services and one of the Vinnies mothers who works at a respite home for children with severe disabilities;
  • The Vinnies created hand-painted cushions for the respite home;
  • They also put together a display based around people at school and in the community with disabilities who they reached out to. This display will be part of the Disability Awareness Week the Vinnies will be running at school in Term 3.

Other activities the Vinnies have been involved in have included...

  • A visit from the Coordinator of the Parenting Alone Group at the Nelson Womens Centre. As a follow-up to this visit, the Vinnies took on the commitment of making lunches for these mothers once a term and delivering them to the Nelson Women's Centre
  • A recycling project that resulted in creating a bench and pizza oven at Victory Community Gardens.

On Friday 5 July, Mayor Richard Kempthorne came to school assembly to present the Vinnies at St. Paul's with Community Service Certificates in recognition of the work these young people do in the community.