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Learning more about the Young Vinnies, St Patrick’s, Nightcaps, Southland

Five students from a small one class school in Southland are reflecting on joining the Vincentian family and the possibility of setting up the first Young Vinnies group in the 119- year history of St Patrick’s School, Nightcaps.

Principal of Trinity Schools in Southland, Anne Canny asked Ann Kennelly, the Young Vinnies Southland Co-ordinator, to come and explain to the seniors the work of the society and the Young Vinnies.

The students gave up their lunch time to listen, learn and ask questions about the work that Young Vinnies do in Southland. Ann linked the 150th Anniversary of the diocese of Dunedin to the idea of starting a new mission in the school with the beginning of a Young Vinnies group. 

During Lent the students reflected on some social justice activities that a Young Vinnies group at St Patrick's School, Nightcaps could initiate, such as creating a vegetable garden so that they can help others in the area who need fresh food, and visiting the elderly and singing a song or reading to them. The students also felt that by praying they were helping the work of St Vincent de Paul everywhere.

If successful, this new initiative will fit the 2015 International Vincentian Family theme of “Together in Christ, we Vincentians make a difference”. In prayer and action these young people of Nightcaps already show this Vincentian spirit.

Student and staff of St Patrick’s, Nightcaps, Southland Vinnie’s Co-Ordinator, Ann Kennelly and Principal of Trinity Schools in Southland, Anne Canny.