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An Advent Story

Two sisters Maggie and Emily from Good Shepard School Auckland arrived at the Kingsland St Vincent de Paul Centre with close to 30 wrapped gifts for children.

They had learnt how some children would go without gifts at Christmas so they set their minds to fundraising. Through numerous bake sales they managed to raise over $300 and then went out with their parents to purchase and wrap all the gifts.

The story that followed...

About 5 minutes after they left, a young mother of two arrived with her little 4 year old boy to pick up a food box and some gifts. The little boy quietly sat on the shop step playing with a part of a toy he had found in the shop FREE bin whilst his mum rummaged through the free books.

The mother was helped to her car to load the food and the little boy was given a gift bag to carry to the car. Inside the bag was a bright yellow toy truck  (donated by the 2 sisters). He looked inside the bag, quietly carried the bag to the car, quickly glanced at his mother, held her look and quickly pushed the bag into the boot of the car and then walked back to the shop step with very little expression on his face and he sat down.

His reaction was confusing - didn't he like his present? When asked,the mother explained that every time they went to the warehouse he always looked for "yellow trucks" but she always made him put it back because she couldn't afford one. “Whenever we go into a shop, he just knows now not to touch them”.

This made is all a bit sad and the woman was given a hug, she smiled through her tears and then perked up and said she couldn’t wait to see his face on Christmas Day when she finally gives him the yellow truck!! Oh what a delight!!

Thank you Maggie and Emily for you most kind act of generosity and care.  Such INSPIRATIONAL role models!!

- Submitted by Del Soti - Kingsland SVdP