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What Ever it Takes Service W.I.T.S. - Napier

Napier Area Council, St Patrick’s and St Mary’s Conferences of St Vincent de Paul Napier help the marginalized people in Napier, through their interaction with W.I.T.S. which is What Ever It Takes Service in conjunction with the Napier City Council and Department of Social Welfare.

People who are helped are the  homeless, those who have mental health and addiction issues.

W.I.T.S. runs an Outreach centre on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday where about 20 people gather for breakfast, get help with their issues and get together to talk and discuss things with others in similar situations. Both Conferences have given food and other equipment e.g. a washing machine for the homeless to wash their clothes.

Vinnies has played a great role in the short while we have been associated with W.I.T.S. by giving clothes to those who need them free of charge. Also to those people that have been rehoused by W.I.T.S. bedlinen, curtains etc. at no charge.

W.I.T.S. also looks at getting people into jobs and homes.

It has become a pleasurable experience going to the Outreach Centre and getting a little understanding of what these people may be going through.