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Greymouth Conference

The Conference in collaboration with two Mercy Sisters, Sr Theresa Scott and Sr Anne McLaughlin assist those who live in a low socio-economic suburbs of Greymouth in a meaningful way:

  • For over 20 years Cobden Mercy Outreach has been a home for the homeless on the West Coast, hosting families from Karamea to Haast for periods from a few days to a number of months. Those seeking accommodation are not homeless by choice, they are often casualties of domestic violence or of insufficient government services and benefits. Families are assisted to transition into more secure accommodation. 
  • Food, clothing and other basics are provided to many people who are struggling. 
  • Power disconnection is prevented
  • Underprivileged families are given the opportunity to celebrate birthdays and achievements 
  • New sports shoes were provided for a teenager to enable her to participate in netball 
  • Petrol vouchers are available for parents to encourage them to spend time with their children 
  • Assistance with Doctors visits/prescriptions 
  • Wood is supplied for fires 
  • Assistance with dental expenses. 

Behind each statistic are real people often with a heartbreaking story. They learn so much from these people as they take steps to meet the challenges life throws at them.