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Resources on Theme of Loneliness Available to Conferences

This year the National Board has asked Conferences to focus on the theme of loneliness and how we, as Vincentians, can reach out to those in our community – our neighbour, our colleagues, or a new settler family at Mass, and extend the hand of friendship. A simple act of sharing a cuppa with an elderly neighbour, or a visit with a lonely teen or an isolated new settler family can make a world of difference to them.

As part of this focus, all Conferences will shortly receive posters and pamphlets to distribute throughout their Conference, or parish. To download additional copies, please click here.

As a member of St Vincent de Paul reaching out to others can have a profound positive affect on those who are isolated and socially alienated.
Let us reach out to all who are lonely and make the time to personally visit, just as our founder, Frederick Ozanam, did so long ago.

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“The knowledge of social well-being and of reform can be learned not from books, nor from the public platform, but in climbing the stairs to the poor person’s garret, sitting by their bedside, feeling the same cold that pierces them, sharing the secrets of their lonely hearts and troubled minds”
Blessed Frederic Ozanam



Vanuatu and Nepal appeal:

Thank you for donating to our Nepal and Vanuatu Appeal.
Thank you for generously supporting our appeal for Vanuatu and Nepal.
With your help we have raised:
Nepal - $75,000
Vanuatu – $51,000
The appeal has now closed.


Seventh e-newsletter (June 2015) out now - Click Here

Welcome to our second edition of our e-newsletter for 2015, which is crammed filled with events and updates. 

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