Disability Awareness has been the central focus of the work of the St. Paul's Vinnies this year.

This topic has involved...

  • A session filled with activities that simulated various types of disabilities;
  • A variety of guest speakers including a lady who is blind, a gentleman who is a paraplegic, Age Concern, IDEA Services and one of the Vinnies mothers who works at a respite home for children with severe disabilities;
  • The Vinnies created hand-painted cushions for the respite home;
  • They also put together a display based around people at school and in the community with disabilities who they reached out to. This display will be part of the Disability Awareness Week the Vinnies will be running at school in Term 3.


Other activities the Vinnies have been involved in have included...

  • A visit from the Coordinator of the Parenting Alone Group at the Nelson Womens Centre. As a follow-up to this visit, the Vinnies took on the commitment of making lunches for these mothers once a term and delivering them to the Nelson Women's Centre;
  • A recycling project that resulted in creating a bench and pizza oven at Victory Community Gardens.

On Friday 5 July, Mayor Richard Kempthorne came to school assembly to present the Vinnies at St. Paul's with Community Service Certificates in recognition of the work these young people do in the community.

The St. Joseph Vinnies are made up of a group of 14 committed and enthusiastic young people who give up their lunchtime each Monday to be involved in Vinnies activities.

This year their activities have included:

  • Working with the Waimea MenzShed to produce wooden hand-held crosses for the people in the Hospice. The Vinnies decorated these and applied lavender oil to assist with patients' breathing;
  • Holding a food drive for Loaves and Fishes, a soup kitchen serving meals to people in need;
  • Making and decorating placemats for Meals-on-Wheels recipients;
  • Creating a talking book resource for people who are blind locally and nationally;
  • A couple of the Vinnies were also involved in a community recycling project to create a bench and pizza oven at Victory Community Gardens.

The Vinnies spent time learning about the history of the Society through watching the DVD, No Time Like Now.

St Josephs is our smallest primary school where the youth coordinator has the privilege to work with 8 young vinnies in Matamata on Wednesday afternoon during class time.
This group wanted to give back to the St Vincent De Paul Society who supports the Young Vinnies. The first task that was completed within three weeks was to help the Cameron Rd Op Shop in Tauranga sort through, clean and test 15 boxes full of donated toys before they went
out for sale.

The second task involved labelling blank tins that have been donated to be given out at the St Vincent de Paul support centre. Alongside these projects the Young Vinnies voted to learn about the impact of gambling has on individuals and their families.

Well done! St Josephs, Matamata for a small primary school, doing amazing big work.

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