New Zealand Vincentians are helping support special projects in Sri Lanka to assist those suffering the after effects of war and tsunami. Sri Lanka has experienced more than 30 years of war, as well as major devastation caused by a tsunami at the end of 2004.

Many people remain in refugee camps, struggling to survive. Many are still trying to locate children kidnapped during the war.

New Zealand Vincentian conferences have been twinned with Sri Lankan conferences for many years. Now, in addition to twinning, additional help is needed to build new homes and renovate damaged ones, to establish pre-schools and provide educational assistance, to provide medicines and dry rations, to assist war-orphans and toto provide vocational training.

Any donations will be a help, but we are asking for maximum donations of NZ $2000 - for that amount it is possible to build a basic house.

To donate, contact the New Zealand national office of the Society.