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The Earthquake in Nepal has caused enormous destruction to lives and properties and latest estimates placed over 5,000 deaths and over million or so of people displaced.


A powerful Tropical Cyclone “PAM” crossed the islands that comprised the archipelago of VANUATU located in the South Pacific Ocean which is north-east of Australia and north of New Zealand. This has caused several hundreds deaths and thousands of misplaced people from their homes.  CGI, Australia and New Zealand SSVP provided assistance in emergency relief services. ... DONATE NOW


Sixth e-newsletter (March 2015) out now - Click Here

Welcome to our first edition of our e-newsletter for 2015, which is crammed filled with events and updates. In this issue, we not only report on what has happened in the last couple of months but also what events will be coming up soon.  We’ll be celebrating 150 years in New Zealand in 2017 so we’d love you to send us any historical information on the society that you might have.

If you have an item that you would like to share with us, please forward it to the Communications Officer, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


In Vanuatu, the SSVP mobilised to help the victims

A Vanuatu la SSVP mobilisee pour l aide aux victimes largeOn 13 March, Cyclone Pam crossed the Vanuatu archipelago, with winds of up to 360km/hr. Mobilised to offer emergency help to the victims.  SSVP is also involved in a prevention scheme to help the population deal with future natural disasters.

The government of Vanuatu announced a state of emergency. According to the estimates from the NDMO (National Disaster Management Office) 15,000 homes were destroyed or damaged, 75,000 people are still without shelter and 160,000 people (out of a total population of 260,000) will need food aid over the next 3 months. The impact of the disaster on the farming sector is grave, compromising food security and the income of a large majority of the people affected throughout the country.....READ MORE


Nepal : a second phase of visits and training programs to boost new conferences

The Society formed its first conference in Nepal in 2010. Since the beginning, Nepal is twinned to Malaysia. First visits and reports highlighted the growing interest of Nepalese people in the work of SVP, and the important needs in formation, as conferences started across the country. With the active support of Malaysian National Council, Vincentians volunteers had the opportunity to attend a formation and training program in March 2015......READ MORE


Year of Vincentian Collaboration the SSVP s response largeYear of Vincentian Collaboration: the SSVP's response

In a letter of 30 January 2015 addressed to the International Vincentian Family, Fr Gregory Gay announced the launch of an initiative: “The Year of Vincentian Collaboration”, which will start officially on 24 May 2015, the feast of Pentecost, and end on 15 May 2016. The programme for the year is based on the topic: “Together in Christ, we Vincentians make a difference”, supervised by the Commission for Vincentian Collaboration..... READ MORE


Call for solidarity with Christians in Syria

Appel a la Solidarite avec les chretiens de Syrie largeHow beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the one who brings good news, who proclaims peace! Who brings good news, who proclaims salvation! Of the one who says to Zion: your God reigns!”  Is 52.7

Christians, persecuted, are fleeing their villages,
Massacred by those who believe only in evil
Those who kill children, women and men
They destroy churches, they wipe away ancient civilisations, thousands of years old
They plunder and destroy everything in their path

Our brothers and sisters are homeless, cold and hungry, they need…EVERYTHING ... READ MORE


 Marie Palmer – 2015 New Year’s Honour Recipient

53 years ago, a few days after her husband had been hospitalised in a hit and run, Marie Palmer answered a knock at her door.
It was a moment that changed her life.

The two visitors standing at her doorstep were from St Vincent De Paul and they had come to deliver a Christmas hamper and toys for her 10 month-old baby and support if she needed it.

Ann Marie ParkeMarie Palmer from Sacred Heart Conference, Hastings. A 2015 New Year’s Honour recipient.
 [Photo courtesy of Hawkes Bay Today]“I’ll never forget that day,” Marie said. “And I made a promise to them and to God that I would dedicate my life to SVDP when I retired. And after twenty years as a hospice nurse, that is what I did.”

After following the ‘passion in her heart for helping people’, Marie has been awarded a Queen’s Honour in this year’s New Year Honour’s list for her contribution to St Vincent de Paul and the other social organisations she supports in Hawke’s Bay. In May she will be invested at Government House.

Marie believes that this honour is a wonderful opportunity for others to hear about the work of St Vincent de Paul.  

For Marie her contribution through the Society and the other organisations that she works for, as well as being a JP, comes from a wish as a six year-old to help others. “If there is a need, then you go. It becomes a normal part of your daily life.”

Marie spends a day a week at the Vinnie’s shop helping to assess those who need food parcels, as well as those who require more support.

On a Tuesday, along with Brother Brian, a retired Marist brother, they visit those who have been referred by the shop, schools, parishes or social agencies. Visits are not just one-offs but are repeated until they can see some stability in the home. For many, these visits are marked in the calendar and are something to look forward to. And for some it may be the only outside visit they receive.

Marie believes that there is a lot of loneliness in the community. She and Brother Brian believe that many people trust them because they are non-judgemental, they build up trust and they make repeat visits. Marie says that the work is very rewarding and that it’s good to see a smile on a sad face of someone in despair.

“Life is great … you learn something from somebody every day. You can always find a positive thing in a grim situation, even if it is just a thank you from a grateful person or family,” she says.

Marie has always been an advocate for those struggling and trying to do their best on very little. She says that she knows what it is like for many families, as she had to cope with a husband in hospital for three years, a baby to look after and very little to live on.

“I think it helps that I can remember what it was like to really struggle,” she says.
Like so many volunteers in St Vincent de Paul, Marie wishes to continue her work for as long as she can.

“I’ll burn out, not rust out,” she says. “And I might retire when I’m 105.”

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 The Society of St Vincent de Paul in New Zealand has a special relationship with three of its neighbours in the Pacific — Western Samoa, Tonga and Tokelau, and with Sri Lanka which New Zealand has been twinned with for many years.

In the case of Sri Lanka, Samoa and Tonga, New Zealand conferences are twinned with conferences in those countries, while the relationship with Tokelau sees students assisted towards obtaining higher education in Samoa, funded through an annual appeal in New Zealand.

Regular visits are made by the New Zealand national board member responsible for twinning. Through these visits special projects are identified and equipment and funding sourced in New Zealand.

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