Request for Archival Material

For 150 years Conferences and Councils of the Society in New Zealand have acquired, documented and preserved the Society’s most important works through articles, minutes, reports and photographs.

Our 150th Anniversary in 2017 celebrates the Society’s achievements and pays tribute to pioneer Vincentians who performed their charitable works despite adverse personal and economic hardships by adherence to the spirit of the Society and love of neighbour.

The fire in 1981 at the building in Woodward Street, Wellington, tenanted by the National Office of the Society, destroyed reports, correspondence and minute books dating back many years probably to our earliest days. Reports and another papers have also been lost in various accommodation shifts, as past records made way for smaller rental accommodation.

If your Conference or Council are able to assist with any archival material from the early years of the Society in New Zealand it would be very much appreciated. Some of this information may be found in old Conference and Council minute books, Society documents, records and from Vincentians who have memories of the earlier years.

Please send to: - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Society of St Vincent de Paul
PO Box 10815